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Mortgage PeteCalgary Mortgage Broker

A numbers guy and a problem solver,  providing free mortgage consultations and free personalized credit advice in Calgary and across Alberta.   about Pete

"Are you ready for a mortgage now? Rather than dealing with the bank, let me do the work on your behalf. Brokers receive discounted rates.  I will find the best interest rate and best mortgage for you amongst dozens of lenders. "

"Thinking of buying a home but don't know if you would qualify or unsure where to start? I truly enjoy helping people by making the mortgage process as easy as possible. If you don't qualify for a mortgage right now, I will teach you how.  You will achieve your dream of home ownership in the least amount of time."

Mortgage services available in Calgary and other cities:

  • quick mortgage pre-approvals / approvals
  • real estate purchases
  • mortgage renewals
  • refinances
  • equity take-outs
  • second mortgages

  • FREE mortgage consultations & credit advice, even after hours!


Have any questions? Just ask!  

No need to take time out of your busy day to drive to appointments. Everything can be done over the internet, phone and fax machine.

Canadians have renovation fever! Renovating is seen by some as an alternative to “moving up”, and is an excellent way to bolster the value of your principal asset. Watch CMHC's informative video Neighbourly advice for renovating your home.


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